Russian ‘Torn’ and ‘Taran’ radio intelligence systems at terrorists' base in Donetsk. PHOTO investigation

Another evidence of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine has been discovered by InformNapalm international volunteer community by open source investigation of social profiles of the Russian servicemen and mercenaries.

Censor.NET reports citing InformNapalm.

The location of the R-381T2 UHF radio monitoring station (R-381T 'Taran' complex) and the 'Torn' radio intelligence complex have been identified thanks to a Russian terrorist.

армия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведка

Note: R-381T 'Taran' [Ram] is an automatic radio intelligence complex in the range between 1.5 and 1000 MHz, used mainly on the tactic and operative-tactic level.

The complex consists of seven vehicles:

  • x1 R-381T3 - automatic data processing station
  • x4 R-381T2 - UHF radio monitoring station (30-100 MHz)
  • x2 R-381T1 - VHF radio monitoring station (1.5-30 MHz), aviation radio communication
    monitoring (100-400 Mhz), radio relay link monitoring (300-1000 MHz)
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The efficient range of the complex is 40 km (100 km for aviation frequencies monitoring). Radio station detecting time is 0.3 sec. Another variant of the complex consist of five vehicles:

  • x1 R-381T3
  • x2 R-381T2
  • x2 R-381T1

Stations could also be used separately.

The complex, designed in 80s by 'Proton' engineering bureau in Kharkiv, was intended to be set up on MTLB basis to replace the outdated R-381 'Rama' systems used in reconnaissance battalions and companies.

A typical reconnaissance battalion had the following structure (around 70 servicemen in total):

  • Command
  • Communications processor element, R-381T3, commander and officer of the element, three translators, radio mechanic, driver mechanic
  • 1st reconnaissance platoon, x2 R-381T2, platoon officer, two crew commanders, etc
  • 2nd reconnaissance platoon, x1 R-381T1, x1 R-381T2
  • 3rd reconnaissance platoon, x1 R-381T1, x1 R-381T2
армия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведка

армия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведка

Another modern 'Torn' radio intelligence complex (on KamAZ chassis) was exposed on the Russian occupation forces' base 'Sparta' located in the territory of the 3rd corps of Donetsk National Technical University.

Sept. 1, InformNapalm's team reported that a 'Torn' system was disclosed near the airport of Donetsk, at a destroyed multi-storeyed house (11a Zlitna str., Donetsk, Ukraine).

In the photo below two vehicles from 'Torn' radio intelligence complex, a simple command vehicle, and the R-381T2 UHF monitoring station from 'Taran' system can be seen.

армия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведкаармия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведкаармия рф террористы оккупанты радиоразведка

Photos from InformNapalm's previous story are showed for comparison.

армия вооружение рф

The investigative journalists highlihgt that 'Novorossiya fans tried to question InformNapalm's previous article about 'Torn' complex stating that only one vehicle was shown. Now new investigation brings out two vehicles from 'Torm' complex standing one after another.

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армия рф оккупанты радиоразведка

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