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 Barrett large-caliber sniper rifles entered service with National Guard, - Interior Minister. PHOTOS

The new advanced weapons -- American Barrett high-performance sniper rifles -- have entered service with the National Guard of Ukraine.

Interior Minister of Ukraine Arsen Avakov wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Some news about the National Guard. We put the squeeze on procurement! The new standard weapons have entered service with the National Guard detachments countering breakthrough forces penetrating through our defense lines as well as enemy subversive reconnaissance groups.

"1. Our snipers in all combat detachments of the National Guard will be able to use these powerful and sophisticated weapons against the enemy manpower and equipment after a short training.

"BARRETT high-performance sniper rifles.

"Model M107A1 produced by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc, USA.


Caliber, mm:.50 BMG (12.7 mm).
Projectile: 12,7x99 mm.
Length, mm: 1450
Barrel length, mm: 737.
Weight without cartridges, kg: 14.
Sighting range, m: 1800.
Maximum range, m: over 2000.
Magazine capacity, rounds: 10

Contents of delivery

Barrett M107A1 rifle - 1 pc.
Leupold MR4 4-5-14 scope - 1 pc.

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"2. We have also prepared something new for the tanks and armored personnel carriers of the aggressor:

"Rocket tandem grenade DRTG-73

"The projectile is designed to pierce armored vehicles including explosive reactive armor (ERA) equipped ones. It is the rocket tandem grenade, which means that it has two shaped charges arranged one after another activated in sequence. The first 55-mm caliber charge destroys ERA, the second 105.5-mm caliber is capable to pierce up to 700-mm-heavy armor. The firing range is less than 200 meters."
сша вооружение

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