Ukrainian weaponry is world's best, - Turchynov. PHOTOS

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Oleksandr Turchynov has opened XII International Trade Fair "Arms and Security - 2015."

Censor.NET reports citing NSDC's press service.

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"Ukraine's military-industrial complex satisfies the basic needs of our army, the National Guard, and other military formations in arms and military equipment," he stressed. The secretary also said that almost all enterprises of the military-industrial complex have increased their production volumes and boosted quality.

"Our defense industry is producing one of world's best examples of weapons and equipment, as they are being tested in combat and not at stands or training grounds. This is where our military try the weaponry and make proposals in order to improve its quality and combat performance, and defense industry experts put the ideas into practice," he stressed.

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бтр тритон
Ukrainian-produced armored vehicle "Triton." Equipped with remote controlled weapon station. It is capable of swimming across water obstacles.

авто краз

бронеавтомобиль слон
Armored vehicle KrAZ Shrek One in Route Clearance Vehicle modification (route mine clearing car). It is equipped with a crane with a 6-meter boom length able to move loads of up to 200 kg.

оружие турчинов

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турчинов техника
Automatic mine clearing machine.

турчинов техника
Polish drone capable of discharging weapons.

Ukrainian-produced sleeping bag designed for temperatures up to -20.

турчинов форт-19
New Ukrainian development - 16-round pistol "Fort-19."

оружие турчинов
Ukrainian-produced new generation machine-gun "Maliuk." It was originally intended to be a deeply modernized variant of the Soviet AKM and AK-74 by the bullpup scheme. After a series of tests in real combat conditions and upon introducing a number of design changes, it boasts of an independent original design significantly surpassing the legendary Kalashnikov in terms of accuracy, reliability, and convenience.

оружие турчинов

оружие турчинов

оружие турчинов

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турчинов техника
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