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 Supporter of ISIS, member of Tornado Company nicknamed Modzhakhed suspected of commission of most heinous crimes detained near Kyiv, - Chief Military Prosecutor Matios. PHOTOS

Law enforcers have arrested member of the special forces Tornado Company of the Interior Ministry nicknamed Modzhakhed (Mujahideen) in a hotel complex situated at Obukhiv highway near Kyiv Wednesday night. According to Chief Military Prosecutor, Modzhakhed is the most dangerous and mean of all the suspects.

Chief Military Prosecutor Anatolii Matios wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"Investigators of the Chief Military Prosecutor's Office tracked down and arrested the most dangerous and mean of all suspects from the Tornado Company in the hotel complex at the Obukhiv highway near Kyiv Sept.r 9, 2015 in the evening in a brilliant operational search action conducted by the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (special thanks to General Paskal). The detention was tough but without shooting. Citizen of Belarus Liashuk nicknamed Modzhakhed (Mujahideen) was hiding from investigative authorities evading trial for more than two months. Modzhakhed-Liashuk (aka Al-Takbir Daniyal, according to his police officer ID, is a Muslem embracing ideology of ISIS extremist organization) is suspected of committing grave and extremely grievous crimes as part of the criminal organization consisting of several police officers of the Tornado patrol service Company headed by Ruslan Onyshchenko, who has served five prison sentences. It was particularly Modzhakhed-Liashuk who committed the most violent tortures of local residents of the Luhansk region with extreme cynicism, impudence, cruelty and heartlessness, organized and directly participated in the rape of detainees, whom he abducted together with other suspects for self-interested aims," the chief military prosecutor wrote.

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