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 Head of State Fiscal Service Nasirov owns undeclared apartment in London. DOCUMENT

Controversially dismissed Deputy Head of the State Fiscal Service Kostiantyn Likarchuk has published copy of an entry proving that his onetime boss Roman Nasirov owns an apartment in London. According to Likarchuk, Nasirov did not mention this property in the income statement, which he filed in Ukraine.

Kostiantyn Likarchuk wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

"I am often asked whether I'm going to file anti-defamation lawsuit against Nasirov due to the baseless accusations of corruption. The answer is that I am thinking it over and perhaps I will file such a lawsuit at Nasirov's domicile in London (Flat 5, 3 Limeharbour, London E14 9LS). By the way, the apartment is not listed in Nasirov's income statement, whereby Nasirov comes within the purview of law on purging prohibiting a person to hold public office during 10 years under Part 8 of the Article 3 of the Law of Ukraine 'On the cleansing power'. The copy of the entry with all relevant information can be found below. I believe that journalists and relevant authorities will not stumble upon any obstacles getting the detailed information in the UK," he said.

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Likarchuk also hinted that Nasirov has another citizenship: "One should not be surprised if there will be information on another nationality of our "character" soon as well as information on his cashier Romanenko having bank accounts in the Baltic States. A corrupt official without the double citizenship and accounts in European banks is a rarity nowadays."

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