Unfortunate “Ukrainian trip” of Russian tankman Berezin from the 6th tank brigade of Russian army to Ilovaisk. PHOTOS

Another OSINT investigation has revealed one more Russian tankman Alexey Berezin, whose documents were found in a tank abandoned near Ilovaisk a year ago.

This is reported by InformNapalm.org, Censor.NET informs.
армия танк рф оккупанты
The new material is based on a video story by "Dorozhniy Kontrol" ['Road Control'] reporter, titled "Russian soldiers who never been to the Donbas". The reporter witnessed Ukrainian soldiers capturing a Russian tank T-72B3 and delivering it to Mnohopillia village (the original story is only available for registered users, so the copy can be found here).

The investigation identified another Russian biathlete tankman Alexey Berezin, whose documents were found in the tank abandoned near Ilovaisk.

армия танк рф оккупантыармия танк рф оккупанты
"It hasn't taken long to find Alexey Berezin - here is his social network profile, archive, as long as he is a friend of earlier revealed contract tankman from the same military unit #54096 Vadim Romanyukha, who has deleted a number of images confirming his Ukrainian trip from his album after our August publication. His contact list remained intact, which allowed easily identifying Berezin," authors of the article wrote.

армия танк рф оккупанты
"Berezin's page is quite generic, except for the boy desires glory. His photos include the number of well-known group images of the 6th tank brigade of the "Ukrainian trip 2014" period, which were posted by his comrades and revealed by us earlier, including an image dated Aug. 23, 2015 with a cynical inscription "Hi Ukrops)))" [derogative for Ukrainians - ed.]," the publication reads.

армия танк рф оккупанты
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армия танк рф оккупанты
"Let's get back to the video. As known, on Aug. 26, 2014 Ukrainian military captured a modernized Russian tank T-72B3 near Ilovaisk. This is described in details in Censor.NET's article "Colonel Kovalskyi: "We captured Russian Т-72B3 to our own surprise - it was the first engagement for most of us." In particular, details of the latest Russian tank T-72 B3 of 2013, equipped with radio electronic equipment of French and Belorussian make. Colonel Kovalskyi notes: "At around noon Aug. 26 we saw an enemy's convoy advancing us directly. It was headed by a tank followed by six airborne combat vehicles. I gave an order to the IFV; it showed up and opened fire at a distance of approx. 400 meters. The tank stopped, and its turret caught fire. The airborne combat vehicles made a landing and, having seen that the tank stopped, turned around and started to retreat. Infantry also started to retreat along the forest. One of the airborne combat vehicles was hit by a round, but managed to retreat. No other losses were inflicted to the enemy… The tank was to be blown up, but I examined it and saw it was totally operable, its damages being cosmetic. Obviously, a tank driver was wounded for there were blood stains on the turret. All those wounded were taken away by the enemy. When mopping up, we found an abandoned operable sniper rifle made in Russia. The tank was Russian as well - we found all documents inside…"

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"This information and photos and videos are quite enough to link the two together. As we mentioned above, the abandoned tank driving record of private A. Berezin confirms his belonging to the 3rd tank company of the 1st tank battalion (the 6th tank brigade). Again, a photo by V. Romanyukha showing a tank with the 3rd tank company marking over a painted side number with a familiar white identification round helps here," the report reads.

армия танк рф оккупанты

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армия танк рф оккупантыармия танк рф оккупанты

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