Corrupt prosecutor's wife spends fortune in Paris and stays in luxury hotels. DOCUMENT

Svitlana Korniiets, the wife of a notorious "diamond" prosecutor Korniiets, who worked at the Kyiv region prosecutor's office can afford spending in Paris €4,500 a day, as well as staying at a luxury hotel for €1,077 per night.

This is stated by Serhii Ivanov in his blog on Censor.NET.

"This is an excerpt from our "hero's" wife card account cash flow statement. Despite everything, Svitlana Korniiets continues to serve the state as a head of the department for supervision of law observance by bodies that combat organized crime, procedural administration and public prosecution at the Kyiv region prosecutor's office.

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"During the period described in the following document, Svitlana Korniiets held the post of a prosecutor at the Kyiv region prosecutor's office, which, however, did not prevent her from plunging into a vicious and alluring world of Parisian luxury. The following bank statement shows that only in one day May 5, 2008 (Monday, by the way) "brilliant" prosecutor's spouse spent €4,449 while staying in the French capital," Ivanov says.

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"Mrs. Korniiets did not choose to stay in a hostel, but at a 5-star hotel Le Meurice, with a night stay price starting at €1,000 at the moment. As we can see in the statement, in that time the price was almost the same - €1,077.

"The hotel looks great. Both outside,

and inside.

"Those into fashion brands will probably find in the underlined lines of the report a few familiar words. I personally see only one phrase - Louis Vouitton, where Svitlana managed to spend more than €1,000 just in two visits.

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"No comments here. People who live plainly do not stay at hotels facing Eiffel Tower in just 600 meters from the Louvre Museum. More to say, they do not spend that much money in Parisian boutiques. Therefore, it seems to me, Mr. Korniiets has to refrain from using the word "modesty" from his vocabulary - at least until he is warmly welcomed at a corrective labor institution.

"In order to anticipate cock-and-bull stories about Svitlana having dreamt of Paris and collected money given by parents for school lunches in a box, I would like to draw your attention to the bottom line telling us that May 19, 2008 someone used her card to pay 2,156 hryvnias at a Furshet supermarket. At 2008 exchange rate, the sum made approximately $260. Someone just went for groceries and spent 260 bucks at a time.

"I think that the Korniiets' simple living is now out of question," Ivanov resumes.

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