Ukrainian border guards downed Russian "Zastava” drone, also known as Israeli "Bird Eye 400,” worth $2 million. PHOTOS

Ukrainian border guards shot down a Russian "Zastava” drone which had been collecting information on positions of the Ukrainian army. The drone has flown 1.5 km into the territory of the Luhansk region, about 25 kilometers off the demarcation line with the so-called “Luhansk People’s Republic.”

The drone is in fact an Israeli "Bird Eye 400" manufactured in Russia according to a contract signed with the Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) in 2012. The cost of this UAV is $2 million, Censor.NET reports with reference to Informnapalm.

агрессия оккупанты беспилотник

Russian "Zastava" UAV (Bird Eye 400) downed in Ukraine.

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Ukrainian State Border Service has published photos of the Russian drone on their website dpsu.gov.ua and a video on their YouTube channel.

The drone was seen between the villages of Herasymivka (Ukraine) and Ushakovka (Russian Federation).

армия рф агрессия оккупанты беспилотник
Russian "Zastava" UAV was shot down 25 kilometers from the demarcation line

Another drone that Russia lost on the Ukrainian territory on May 21, 2015 was also produced under the contract with the Israeli company. See details here: Ukrainian Army shot down a Russian UAV FORPOST valued at 6 million USD. Technical characteristics of the drone can be found here: Bird Eye 400.

The maximum flight range of the UVA is 15 kilometers, maximum flight time is 80 minutes, it is powered by a battery.

Israeli drones "Zastava" and " Forpost " are produced by the Russian company JSC Ural Civil Aviation Factory, uwca.ru. The photographs published by the Ukrainian State Border Service clearly show the logo and the name of the Russian company as well as the serial number of the UAV, which is 355. The plate also features the type of UAV, " Zastava ".армия рф агрессия оккупанты беспилотник

Manufacturer details and serial number of the "Zastava" UAV.

For some reason, certain information was removed from the photos before being published by the Ukrainian border guards. See pic below.

армия рф агрессия оккупанты беспилотник
Some information is removed from the pictures of the Russian "Zastava" UAV.

The inscriptions on the battery and antenna were removed. These components are not produced in Russia but supplied by Israeli companies. The UAV battery is manufactured by Amicell - Amit Industries Ltd. http://www.amicell.co.il.

We found a detailed picture of the Israeli UAV that has been used by the Russian intelligence since 2011. Please see http://twower.livejournal.com/757224.html.

армия рф агрессия оккупанты беспилотник
The battery Israel Amicell - Amit Industries Ltd. is featured on the Russian "Zastava"UAV.

As you can see, the Amicell logo and other data on the battery can help to identify the manufacturer.

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On April 6, 2015, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced a tender searching for a company that could provide maintenance for two types of UAV - "Zastava" and "Forpost". The details of the tender conditions can be found at http: //zakupki.gov.ru.

According to the information published in the tender, there have been 10 "Forpost" and 27 "Zastava" drones in Russia at that time. The information is published here. The author of the investigation has analyzed the above information and compiled a list of military units (m/u) serving certain type of UAVs per each unit:

- m/u 20924 (Kolomna, Moscow region): "Forpost" - 2 , "Zastava" - 1;
- m/u 30866 (Chernyakhovsk, Kaliningrad region): "Forpost" - 2;
- m/u 44936 (Budennovsk, Stavropol region and Mozdok, Republic of North Ossetia): "Forpost" - 2;
- m/u 49324 (Severomorsk, Murmansk region) - "Forpost" - 2;
- m/u 69262 (Elizarovo, Kamchatka region) - "Forpost" - 2;
- m/u 04436 (Gyumri, Armenia) - "Zastava" - 2";
- m/u 20634 (Vladikavkaz, Republic of North Ossetia) - "Zastava" - 2;
- m/u 63354 (Buynaksk, Dagestan Republic) - "Zastava" - 2";
- m/u 41659 (Aleysk, Altai Region) - "Zastava" - 3;
- m/u 12128 (Totskoe, Chelyabinsk region) - "Zastava" - 2";
- m/u 01162 (Dushanbe, Tajikistan) - "Zasrtava" - 1;
- m/u 05812 (Iturup, Kuril Islands) and m/u 51460 (Khabarovsk) - "Zastava" - 4";
- m/u 71289 (Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai) - "Zastava" - 2;
- m/u 08275 (Pechenega, Murmansk region) - "Zastava" - 3;
- m/u 02511 (Kamenka, St. Peterbourg area) - "Zastava" - 2;
- m/u 90151 (Gusev, Kaliningrad region) - "Zastava" - 3.

According to the available information, the cost of maintenance of one "Forpost" should not exceed 5,243,568.23 rubles, and of one "Zastava " - no more than 779,228.63 rubles.
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