Why did BRSM oil depot explode? Investigation version. PHOTOS

To examine the reasons of fire at the BRSM oil depot, the Interior Ministry conducted an investigation at a similar BRSM oil depot near Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi, the Kyiv region.

This is reported by Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov citing Censor.NET sources.

"Following the investigation, eight mobile petrol pumps were seized and taken over for further examination.

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"These pumps were used for pumping in special fuel additives. Perhaps, a kind of isobutane, to increase the octane number or some others. This is not so important. What requires close attention here is technical condition of the pumps.

пожар взрыв брсмпожар взрыв брсм

"The same pumps, according to investigators, were based in Vasylkiv.

"Let me remind you the police opened a criminal proceeding into violation of safety rules at the BRSM oil depot, but due to a tragic coincidence on the day of the fire, the General Prosecutor's Office in the face of the First Deputy Prosecutor General Huzyr declared the prosecution unfounded. All these pumps pose risk of fire in terms safety standards," Butusov said.

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"When pumping additives, a high concentration of petrol fumes occurs, which could flare from a spark. Using such pumps, with a socket being near the engine and the control unit not being airtight, any spark could cause detonation, especially on a hot day. Isobutane requires special treatment, as well as high-octane gasoline, because they have low boiling temperature - it should be stored in places protected from the sun light. Therefore, the version is the following - a worker pressed "on" or "off", and, on a hot day, the fumes exploded with fire having set in. The tanks were close to each other and not shielded ... Hopefully, a criminal case will be opened as regards the PGO officers having directly interfered with the investigation. Their responsibility should also be established," Butusov concludes.

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