Russian paratrooper Akylbek Kuvanov was caught red-handed in vehicle of Donbas battalion, blogger Pavlushko says. PHOTOS

Ukrainian team of investigative bloggers from InformNapalm was able to identify another Russian serviceman in the Donbas.

As reported by Censor.NET, the material below was prepared by investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko for InformNapalm.org.

"Wikipedia describes the battle of Ilovaisk as a fierce fighting in the area [eastern Ukraine] between Ukrainian troops (Armed Forces and the Ministry of Internal Affairs' troops) on one side and the armed groups of self-proclaimed "DPR" ["Donetsk People's Republic"] on the other side. It is worth mentioning that the Ukrainian version of the same article on Wiki refers to Russian occupation forces as combatants against the Ukrainian security forces. In another OSINT-investigation we'll show how each and every mistake, including taking of the most insignificant selfie, could serve as a piece of evidence to file for a future tribunal.

"We were able to identify another Russian military serviceman in the Donbas as paratrooper Akylbek Kuvanov from Orenburg, who has posted on his "VKontakte" page (archive here) a photo of himself at the wheel of a crashed military-style jeep.

армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

"What catches the eye on this photo is that the vehicle does not look like a standard military one. It has added elements of armor and is colored in particular hues.

армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

"This is exactly the vehicle that was used by the Donbas battalion in Ilovaisk and stood out distinctly in many videos and photos thanks to its colorful disguise.

"A survey conducted among members of the Donbas battalion, many of whom are still in combat, helped us to gather all the elements of the story of this vehicle [aka "cart"]. SsangYong SUV was transferred to the battalion by volunteers, who painted the car in camouflage colors. The vehicle had been through combats prior to Ilovaysk, but at the first assault of the town was aptly hit into the windshield by a Russian sniper. It had been decided then to armor the vehicle with suspension from MAZ. The front frame rails were used specially for attaching the suspension. Around the same time the gunner's seat was secured with armored plates mounted on top of the regular steel. Donbas battalion insignia were then glued all over the outside of the vehicle.

армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

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армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

"It was seen for the last time on Aug. 30, 2014 in the village of Chervonosilske near Ilovaisk, where Ukrainian troops fought their way to, taking a number of prisoners from Russian paratroopers and tank crewmen. Ukrainian Security Service later showed them in a video. Interestingly, the person speaking last in the video, Evgen Sardarian (born in 1994, 31st Brigade, military unit 73612), also happened to be a friend with the above mentioned Akylbek Kuvanov on social media networks.

"It looks like the 4th company deployed in Ukraine has successfully rehearsed its surrender, with the prospects of receiving some certificates of merit.армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

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армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательстваармия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

"Now back to the story of the Donbas' SUV, which has helped to reconstruct the mosaic of the Russian military presence in Ukraine.

"In Chervonosilske, the vehicle was taken into a safe place under the sounds of constant gun fire and explosions. Its tire, punctured by shrapnel, was replaced, but in the end the vehicle was left behind in the village outskirts. The Ukrainian troops decided not to take it with them when coming out of the encirclement. The entire corridor was under solid fire, and this vehicle would have been an unnecessary target for the Russian army…

армия рф агрессия оккупанты доказательства

"Soon the Russians entered the village, some of them taking selfies at the entrance to Chervonoselske. And someone took a liking to the combat "cart" of the Donbas battalion," says the blogger.

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