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 Kremlin’s main “tongue” caught in another lie passing terrorists’ shelling of Avdiivka as attack of Donetsk by Ukrainian troops. PHOTOS+VIDEO

The main propaganda mouthpiece of the Kremlin has once again assigned blame to Ukrainian military for crimes committed by the Russian-backed militants.

Russian blogger Viktor Kadochnikov wrote, Censor.NET informs.

This time the First Channel has passed the shelling of Avdiivka as the one of Donetsk.


обстрел пропаганда агрессия ложь

The print screen of the footage at 0:58

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It turned out later that the First Channel propagandists changed their minds and decided to cut their own lie out from the story, which had already been uploaded on the Channel's official website then. The part of the footage, where the propagandists of the First Channel were showing the house in Avdiivka as the one in Donetsk, has been replaced by another scene.

But the unedited story remains on YouTube.

"The First Channel was passing the militants' shelling of Avdiivka as the artillery strike on Donetsk conducted by the Ukrainian servicemen in the part of the footage between 0:57 and 1:02. I visited the official site and replayed the scene between 0:57 and 1:02 and discovered that this part had already been replaced. The propagandists of the First Channel decided to replace the images from Avdiivka by the other ones. But the Internet remembers everything. I have downloaded the video just in case if the author would suddenly delete it from YouTube. Here is the print screen from the official site of the First Channel

обстрел пропаганда агрессия ложь
"P.S. It is the first time I see that something is cut out from the published story and replaced by another scene. The First Channel propagandists probably think that once they have done so there is allegedly no lie there. You are wrong, you gits," the Russian blogger wrote.

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p344626