"Donbas truce": terrorists shell Ukrainian positions near Donetsk from howitzer artillery of 122 and 152 mm calibers, - Butusov. PHOTOS

война танк

The enemy had been shelling Ukrainian positions near Donetsk for 90 minutes from howitzer artillery of 122 and 152 mm calibers, as well as from tanks with case pointing.

This was reported by Censor.NET Editor-in-Chief Yurii Butusov on his Facebook page.

"OSCE haven't shown up. Our artillery did not conduct counter-fire, did not shell defensive posts of the enemy. This is a lengthy procedure now, it takes time to get an approval for it. Commander of one of the tanks, taught by Marinka lessons, decided to proceed forward to our positions in order to cover comrades. Soon after the tank approached, Russian mercenaries dispersed, and their attempts to reach our strong points were repulsed. The tank was returning back. But in revenge, howitzers fired again at both the front line and the rear. As a result of close howitzer explosion, the tank was seriously damaged. The tankmen are safe and sound, fortunately.

война танк

"I won't show destroyed houses, for it may reveal the place of shelling and provoke more fires at the sector. All shell craters are fresh, the tankmen sent the images.

война танквойна танк

"Commanders have more images - our positions near Donetsk have been covered with dense fire for the past week.

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война танк

"I agree with the commanders' stance that an assault will make no sense now. But does it make sense to stand at the position when you are being fired at? Defense must and should be active. Russia states that its mercenaries do not violate the Minsk truce. OK, then we need to seek and destroy the illegal armed gangs that fire at Ukrainian positions. We have to act preventively. This is not defense. This is standing. Such standing exhausts and inflicts losses. Only active countermeasures, real defense can stop the assaults. I think that the authorities could initiate a photo and video exhibition of evidence of cease-fire violations. [They should] gather more of such photos - we publish all as soon as we get them. Everyone will publish them. We have to show how the cease-fire is abidden by, we have to remind everyday what the price of the truce is, and that Putin is responsible for the war continuation," the journalist wrote.

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