Chemical examination found submunitions from Boeing corresponding to Russian Buk missiles - Butusov. PHOTOS

Recognition of hitting the Malaysian airliner by the Buk missile system is already an automatic indictment against Russia.

This is announced in an article by the Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov.

He publishes an X-ray of one of the crew members of the Malaysian airliner.боинг
He was in the cockpit during the explosion and died on the spot. All fractures result from contact with submunitions. The marks around the skeleton are the submunitions.

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An up-to-date chemical examination exactly determined the composition of metal parts, which pierced the hull and glass of the downed airliner before hitting the people.


The second photo shows a close-up of the so-called double-t striking element. An antiaircraft missiles warhead contains four thousand of such elements. "This is a striking element extracted from the aircraft and its unused full-size counterpart extracted from Buk M1-2 Russian surface-to-air missile complex produced in 1998. This missile was not supplied to Ukraine, but it was supplied to other countries," Butusov says.

Ukrainian Buks are equipped with old Soviet missiles 9M38. Our anti-aircraft gunners cannot fire the upgraded Buk M1-2 missiles. But the Russian Buk M1-2 provides for using both types of missiles.

"Striking elements have a chemical composition identical to that of double-t's, which destroyed the plane, passengers and crew," he added.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p344323