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 Huge arms cache discovered near Shchastia, - Security Service. VIDEO+PHOTOS

In the ATO area the SBU prevented transportation of arms to other regions of Ukraine.

Censor.NET reports citing the SBU press service.

The report reads: Near the village of Shchastia, the Luhansk region, in a house belonging to one of the former officials of the Luhansk Region State Administration, a huge arsenal of weapons and means of destruction was discovered.

During the search the SBU officers seized four Igla surface-to-air missile complexes, NSV and KPVT heavy machine guns, more than 40 boxes of ammunition of different calibers, 400 VOG grenades for under barrel grenade launcher, 36 mines, 25 loaded rocket launchers, almost 260 hand grenades and the like.

According to current information, the arsenal was to be taken shortly to another region of Ukraine. Small arms were seized by the prosecutor's office to carry out all the necessary examinations. At the moment the proceeding is under way.

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