Anti-war rally has taken place in Moscow today. PHOTOS

As civil activist Mark Galperin said, anti-war agitation is very important and such pickets can help communicate the truth to Russians.

Around 25 activists of Solidarnost (Solidarity) movement came to Dobryninskaya subway station despite the rain, Censor.NET reports citing UNIAN.

"As for the aggressive-minded citizens, it is to some extent normal because the brains of those people are zombified by television which communicates only one point of view," Galperin said. He stressed that the only thing that worries him are the state-supported opponents, such as deputy Yevgeny Fyodorov's National Liberation Movement.

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The participants of the anti-war rally were holding posters "Freedom to Nadiya Savchenko", "Mariupol is Ukraine," "We must end the war," "Aggression against Ukraine means crisis in Russia - Putin resign!" Some of the participants were holding national flags of Ukraine and Russia. Several protesters were carrying posters with quotes from Boris Nemtsov's report.

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Many passers behaved really aggressively, calling the protesters "banderivtsi' and "fascists" and agitating for opening a "second front".

As the organizers of the rally said, its main task was to inform the citizens of the Russian Federation on social, economic, and political consequences of the war with Ukraine for Russia.
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