Three passenger buses fired at in Kharkiv today. PHOTOS

The shots were made from the same black SUV. All three buses were following the same route.

Witnesses who were at the scene on Chkalov Street in Zhukov neighborhood told that two holes presumably from bullets (including one in the windscreen) could be observed on the bus. It is also noted that one of the passengers was injured by a shiver of glass. The press service of the Interior Ministry in the Kharkiv region specified that two buses were attacked today, Censor.NET reports citing comments.ua.

"Unknown persons driving a foreign-made car fired several shots from a traumatic weapon on the bus following the route №241 during its movement along Chkalov Street at about 5 p.m. According to preliminary data the broken glass has inflicted bruises and scratches to two passengers. A man and a woman have already received medical treatment. Their injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. The similar incident occurred on Heroiv Pratsi Avenue at about 5:20 p.m. where a bus following the route № 272 was moving at that time. There are no victims as a result of the incident," the police told. The officers of the investigative team of the Kharkiv's police department of Kyiv district and the leadership of the city police left for the scenes.

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Later it became known about another case of attack on a bus. A bus was also fired at near "La Notte" restaurant in the evening, Interfax-Ukraine informs. According to the source, all the shots were committed from a black SUV. All three buses were following the same route. The law enforcement agencies are currently establishing all the circumstances of incidents.

The buses in Kharkiv were fired at from a black SUV, 112.ua reports. "According to the driver of the bus, a black SUV, from which two shots similar to popping of firecrackers came, was passing by. Two side windows and the windscreen were pierced as a result. Fortunately, no one has been hurt. One passenger has his hand injured by the broken glass. The police are working at the scene," the eyewitness said.

стрельба харьков маршрутка

стрельба харьков маршрутка

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