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 13 soldiers and seven volunteers received the Order of National Hero of Ukraine in Lviv. VIDEO + PHOTOS

On June 23 the highest non-government award National Hero of Ukraine. It was founded by Ukrainian volunteers. The popular vote determines soldiers, volunteers, doctors and priests, who have shown great courage in the course of the anti-terrorist operation.

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награда герой народный

награда герой народный

"This is an award that will never be presented to politicians, officials and all those who make the final decisions. It cannot be bought or negotiated. Therefore, people who get this award are indeed the most deserving. They are examples of the great feats in the name Ukraine," Chairman of the Volunteer Board, volunteer Heorhii Tuka said.

награда герой народный

награда герой народный

The award is a silver order. Volunteers called on people on social networks and they gave their silver jewellery - silverware, and even very valuable and exclusive things.

"Well-known Ukrainian boxer Viacheslav Uzelkov gave us his silver medal, we melted Cossack and hetman coins. It is possible that by selling them we could get more money, but that was the idea - that the award is smelt from the things that have a special energy and we hope that it will watch over people who receive it," co-organizer of the award, volunteer Oleh Yanytskyi said.

награда герой народный

награда герой народный

Order of the National Hero of Ukraine is made in the shape of the stamp sign of the Holy Prince Vladimir the Great and in the form of a trident with a raised sword - a symbol of military valor - over the middle.

награда герой народный

Photos by Myroslav Parkhomyk

The Order of the National Hero of Ukraine was received by the following soldiers:

1. Anatolii Adamovskyi, aged 51, Donetsk, Donbas battalion

2. Ivan Bubenchyk, 46, Lviv region, Dnipro-1 battalion

3. Mykhailo Vasiuta, 32, Lviv, 3rd tank company of the Armed Forces

4. Andrii Fitak, 36, Yavorov, 24 Brigade

5. Gavrilchak Roman, 31, Novoiavorivsk, 24th brigade

6. Mykhailo Lialia (awarded at the Lviv military hospital)

7. Oleksandr Holiachenko (posthumously)

8. Mykhailo Goriainov (posthumously)

9. Viktor Hurniak (posthumously), 27, Ternopil region, Aidar, 24th battalion

10. Vasyl Kindratskyi (posthumously), 52, Ivano-Frankivsk region, OUN battalion, battalion tactical intelligence company of the 81st airborne brigade

11. Ruslan Kornutych

12. Vano Nadiradze

13. Lubomyr Podfedko (posthumously)

Among the volunteers the awarded were given to:

1. Liliia Bolbat

2. Ivan Isaievych

3. Dmytro Lahunov (posthumously)

4. Natalia Nazar

5. Maksym Ovcharuk (posthumously)

6. Ihor Savryi

7. Vasyl Zadorozhnyi (posthumously)

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