"He had an epiphany - the war in Donbas is pointless. Three days later he returned to his homeland ... In a coffin.” Mercenary Artem Morozov killed near Shyrokyne. PHOTOS

He lived for 28 years in the Russian city of Bataisk, but was killed in the Ukrainian town of Shyrokyne. His body was returned home naked but with the passport to be buried in Krasnyi Sad on June 2.

Svetlana Shishkanova wrote in an article published in Batayskoye Vremia, Censor.NET reports.

война армия рф оккупанты наемники

Artem Morozov

"... He was fighting in Ukraine as a so-called mercenary since December 2014. During his seven-months volunteer service, he realized two things: that there is God in heaven and that the war in Donbas is pointless. And more: he, civilians and his fellow fighters are just "cannon meat" for politicians. Upon feeling this in his soul, he decided that it was time to return home. He no longer felt that he was taking up arms and killing the enemy for the sake of defenseless brothers by blood. Three days later Artem returned home in a coffin. This was his last fight, a fight in which his cold, torn body was defended by his countrymen. It came from experience: Artem, as well as other Russians killed there, were only buried in mass graves. Help, however, came from friends and bribes. At the Bataysk city morgue, his friends fought to delay burial until the next day's evening. That evening the body was dressed and driven across the border with Russia and into the city of Novoazovsk," the author wrote.

война армия рф оккупанты наемники

"Upon seeing the coffin of Bystryi ('Quick'), Artem's call sign, border guards stood up and took off their hats. "Bystryi is being transported!" echoed in the ranks. During his short service, Artem was known by everyone to be fearless, reliable and intelligent fighter. His friends in Bataysk waited for him because, by and large, Artem Morozov was lonely. The absence of parents made him seek risky behaviors. He was brought up by his beloved grandmother, next to whom he was buried. He went to Donbas last winter without saying a word to anybody. And who was he to tell? His father and grandmother were dead, and he hadn't seen his mother for many years, his girlfriend broke up with him, and he was not accepted by his relatives. He contacted his friends only after arriving in Donbas.

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война армия рф оккупанты наемники

Artem (center) with his fellow fighters in Shyrokyne

"Who need me here in Bataysk?" he wrote from Ukraine. "I have nothing to do there. Here, I defend people!"

"What can one say? He had no children, nor anything else. But he had intelligence, physical fitness and self-esteem. He started as salesman and grew up to become general manager in a large chain that sales small appliance. And, all this in spite of lack of formal education (he graduated from technical school # 43). But ... one meeting happened in his life, which became the starting point on his road to Krasnyi Sad Cemetery. The person who recruited Artem just happened to be in right place at the right time. I hope that you, who offered Artem the fate of a patriot militant, are reading this. I do not know your name, and, in general, do not want to know. And I do not blame you for the death of Artem. I'm sure that you wear epaulets on your shoulders, and you can refer to the order from the superiors, or even to geopolitical interests of Mother Russia. As I was told by one of Artem's friends, you did not have to persuade him. As soon as he heard that he could "protect peaceful women and children from chasteners," Artem had already been ready to fight. And even the "fee" for the service was not of interest to him. Morozov was promised to receive 24,000 rubles ($440) to be put into his bank account per each month of staying in Ukraine... This was the cost of living with death. I think that Artem did not negotiate nor asked many questions. He literally ran to the border. In the Rostov region, allegedly, there are several training centers for volunteer mercenaries training. They are taught to fight, this kind of basic training of newcomers. The course of training lasts from two to five … days. Artem has not been in military service before. Such is the irony of his fate. He learned how to shoot, he was able to kill and he was killing. He learned how to cover civilians and his comrades in a battle. Probably this was not because of training. Morozov had this in his blood. He was brave and fearless. However, when he returned from another fighting trip t Bataysk, he got his hands shacking when the fireworks were released right next door. At the first salvo Artem asked to pour him another shot of brandy …

война армия рф оккупанты наемники

война армия рф оккупанты наемники

"When we arrived at Artem's grave, a friend fired up a cigarette and put it on his tombstone. I do the same when visit my husband's grave site. He lies not far from Morozov, here, in the Krasnyi Sad Cemetery. He was veteran of the fighting in Chechnya, killed in peacetime much later. He is pictured in his uniform with full decorations on his tombstone photo. The state paid for his monument and took care of his honor and the grave place. Artem Morozov's friends raised money to put a monument on his grave. They also want to take care of his honor and his memory. Artem's relatives do not believe he went to war... Such are the two different graves," the author wrote.

война армия рф оккупанты наемники

"I hope that you, the one who recruited Artem, will contribute, too. At least by being silent at Artem's grave. Maybe looking into his eyes, you will realize that boys of Bataysk are not the piece of meat that you can buy with money. And, maybe, you will leave our town and never come back, and by doing this you will save our boys. I know that every war is pointless. But I do not want to deprive the meaning of death of Artem, who was killed by a mine near Shyrokyne. He is buried close to the entrance to the Krasnyi Sad cemetery. I wish that those who had been visited by the recruiter in uniform first went to visit Artem's grave. And then they have to look at the eyes of Artem and let the look of the volunteer from Bataysk "make up" your life. A life in which there will be no war for money," the author concludes.

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