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The topic of Russian Special Forces operating in Ukraine has been discussed earlier, but people started to talk about this more actively after capture of two military servicemen from the 3rd Tolyatti Brigade in the Luhansk region and the death of three servicemen from the 16th Tambov Special Forces Brigade.

During an OSINT investigation conducted by InformNapalm's team, servicemen from the 2nd Special Purpose Brigade of GRU (military unit 64044, Pskov) were revealed operating in the Mariupol direction, Censor.NET informs.

In particular, a photo with geo location "Novoazovsk, Ukraine," which location was switched off soon after, has been found in VKontakte social network. However, we managed to save an online screenshot in an archive https://archive.is/aKOZN. Analysis of the user's profile showed that it belongs to Nikolai Semenov https://vk.com/id106286742, the veteran of the Russian Armed Forces, who already participated in the aggression against Georgia in 2008.

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Many photos in Semenov's albums point to his belonging to Special Forces, in particular, identification marks of Airborne Forces (that are frequently used in Special Forces of GRU (Main Intelligence Directorate) for concealment of one's belonging), special armament (modern samples or those withdrawn from operational use, but still in use with Special Forces), and a photo with chevron of the 61st Brigade of Naval Infantry of Northern Fleet (?) on it. But the most interesting photo is the one with unofficial flag of the 2nd Special Purpose Brigade of GRU on the background, whose veteran and serviceman Semenov is. Other data also indirectly point to Semenov's belonging to the 2nd Brigade: his circle of friends - servicemen from Pskov, whose profiles do not contain much information and with their faces mostly hidden. One of such "friends" is Nikita Petrov, (https://vk.com/id96938938), who was in Donbas together with Semenov, judging by a photo dated February 2015.

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"We understand that the data provided by us is not as convincing as we would like it to be, and it will be a chance for demagogy to skeptics. But people who conduct open-source intelligence and detect facts of Russian aggression will probably agree with our stance. If the abovementioned profiles of servicemen from the 2nd Brigade from Pskov are cleaned up, this will be a direct signal of covering up the traces. If they remain untouched, it will be possible to retrieve the photos deleted before. Not so many options," the authors of the article wrote.

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