Nemtsov supporters in Kyiv presented report on Putin's crimes in Ukraine: "This is a historical verdict”. PHOTOS

Russian opposition politician, member of the political council of the RPR-Parnas Ilya Yashin presented the report "Putin. The war" in Kyiv.

Introducing the report, Yashin said that the document compiled "overwhelming body of evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine, starting with the infamous Crimean operation," Censor.NET reports with reference to Novyi Rehion.

"Putin will go down in Russian history as the head of the Russian state that started a war against Ukraine. This is a historic verdict to Putin!" Yashin says. "It all started with the annexation of Crimea. There is no doubt that Crimea was annexed by Russia illegally."

"Is there a resolution of the Crimean problem in a long run? There is no one two to that. If our Ukrainian friends agree on the presence of Ukrainian and Russian sovereignty in Crimea, creation of "Ukrainian Hong Kong" in Crimea, and if it is acceptable to all, then the resolution of the Crimean issue is possible," Yashin suggests.

The report also presents photographic evidence to the fact of Russia supplying the armament to the Donbas: "In particular, SA-22 Greyhound, the Russian self-propelled combined short-to-medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system, which is in service only in the Russian Federation, and could not enter the territory of Ukraine other than from Russia itself."
путин война доклад

"I've got the report from Yashin. It is a good visual aid. It would be very helpful if it was distributed in every high school and university in the Donbas. Minstets (Ministry of Information Policy of Ukraine - ed.) is lagging. Here is the good stuff, help distribute it," blogger and journalist Denis Kazansky wrote.

A separate section of the report covers Russian mercenaries: "There is concrete evidence and documentary proofs of participation of members of the Ramzan Kadyrov's Chechen punitive battalion "Death" in the war in Eastern Ukraine. Yashin said that currently funds are being raised for printing the report and to massively distribute it in Russia: "Over two weeks, 400,000 active Russian citizens have read the report on our website. But our task is to bring the report in hard copy to those who trust Putin and get information from printed media and from TV. We need to break the wall of propaganda," Yashin said. "We understand that this is long and laborious process. But otherwise our country has no future," he stated.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p337615