"This will help the Czechs get rid of false ideas about Ukrainian "fascists": Photo exhibition on the war in Donbas opened in Prague. PHOTO

A photo exhibition "Donbas: War and peace" opened in Prague downtown. Its organizer, PACE rapporteur on political impact of the conflict in Ukraine Christina Zelenkova expressed hope that such acts will help the Czechs get rid of the false ideas about Ukrainian "fascists and banderivtsi."

Ukrainian photographer Max Levin told Radio Svoboda about the photos from Donbas that were presented at the exhibition in Prague, Censor.NET reports.

If you ask Max Levin to tell about the most interesting photo in the exhibition "Donbas: War and peace" that are presented at the Karl square of Prague, he will not show you his work, but a photo by another photographer, Markian Lyseyko. It was made in Ilovaysk in 2014 and shows a fighter of "Donbas" battalion. There is a little girl in his lap who is being fed by her mother sitting nearby. That woman, tells Levin, was constantly speaking about the "punitives" that would come to kill them and refused to believe that the Ukrainian soldier holding her daughter was one of them.

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война фотовыставка на левин донбассе

"Such a good chap. I spoke to him on different matters, about God, about everything. Very sorry for him," the photographer said. Levin informed that the soldier was considered missing for a long time after the Ilovaysk attack by the pro-Russian terrorists last summer. But recently they were informed that his DNA by 99 percent matched the found remains.

"He has a child, a little girl. Perhaps the same age as this child (on the photo - ed.). His wife hasn't told the girl what happened to him, yet... His daughter often tells - put out a tea cup for Dad, too. He's been at war for so long, he might come soon," the photographer said.

война фотовыставка на левин донбассе

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Both Levin and Lyseyko were among those four journalists who managed to get out from the encircled by the pro-Russian fighters Ilovaysk by their private car in August 2014.

война фотовыставка на левин донбассе

The exhibition of Ukrainian photographers "Donbas: War and peace" under the open sky was festively opened on may 20 in Prague.

While introducing the photos, Max Levin remembered the famous black-and-white photo by Nick Att made in 1972 during the Vietnam war. The picture showed a naked little girl who is running for her life from napalm bombing. "That photo helped to stop the war. Perhaps each Ukrainian photographer is dreaming to make such a photo that would also stop the Ukrainian war," Levin said.

The organizer of the exhibition "Donbas: War and peace" is PACE rapporteur on political impact of the conflict in Ukraine and the Czech MP Christina Zelenkova, who herself also visits Donbas. As to her, the exhibition is a small event, but more of such events could help the Czech learn more about what is happening in Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is being often discussed in Czech media; there are quite a lot of Czechs who believe that there are "fascists and banderivtsi" [derogative for patriot Ukrainians - ed.] in Ukraine, the politician said.

война фотовыставка на левин донбассе

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"But the real war is going on in the East of Ukraine... This is war between Russia and Ukraine, of course, and Russian aggressor is occupying the territory of Ukrainian state," Zelenkova said.

The festive exhibition opening was visited by the Crimea Tatar leader Mustafa Dzhemilev, Head of the Verkhovna Rada committee for Eurointegration Iryna Herashchenko and her deputy Mariia Ionova, as well as the Ambassador of Ukraine in the Czech Republic Borys Zaichuk.

война фотовыставка на левин донбассевойна фотовыставка на левин донбассе

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