SBU publishes names and photos of the Russian special forces operatives of the 3rd Brigade of the GRU, who fought in the Donbas. LIST+PHOTOS

The Ukrainian Security Service has published preliminary list of servicemen of the 3rd separate special operations brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Federation (GRU), whose participation in the military operations in the Donbas was documentarily confirmed.

The list of the Russian servicemen was posted on Twitter of the SBU, Censor.NET informs.

Lieutenant-Colonel V. Parfenchik

Major A. Antonov

Major A. Antsygin

Major V. Bugaev

Major A. Larin

Major I. Tangaev

Captain I. Andreev

Captain A. Grigoryev

Captain A. Zhalin

Captain A. Leonov

Captain Y. Lukyanov

Captain V. Medvedev

Captain V. Odintsov

Captain V. Popov

Captain S. Rodionov

Captain V.P. Popov

Captain S. Chuvilin

Senior lieutenant A. Abramov

Senior lieutenant A. Alinov

Senior lieutenant D. Gorelov

Senior lieutenant R. Kapustin

Senior lieutenant I. Kobets

Senior lieutenant V. Komissarov

Senior lieutenant I. Kotyshev

Senior lieutenant Y. Lukonin

Senior lieutenant Y. Holodov

Senior lieutenant S. Yukaev

Lieutenant M. Semyonov

Senior warrant officer Y. Belyaev

Senior warrant officer S. Zolotov

Senior warrant officer A. Kirgizov

Senior warrant officer T. Malyshev

Senior warrant officer S. Pozhenin

Senior warrant officer A. Telkov

Warrant officer T. Bugayova

Warrant officer A. Gavrilov

Warrant officer D. Zorin

Warrant officer V. Klochkov

Warrant officer N. Rumyantsev

Warrant officer E. Sergeeva

Warrant officer V. Simakin

Warrant officer D. Suhanov

Warrant officer A. Fazylov

Warrant officer N. Fomin

Master sergeant Y. Oganesyan

Senior sergeant A. Chashchin

Sergeant A. Krutov

Sergeant E. Sokolova

Junior sergeant O. Guslenko

Junior sergeant I. Taranov

Junior sergeant M. Shyshova

Private First Class K. Rubleva

A. Belov

A. Boldyrev

A. Zheleztsov

I. Zinovyeva

A. Klochkov

A. Mishunin

V. Monahov

I. Sadretdinov

A. Tumanov


In addition, the sites of the reconnaissance and sabotage activities committed by the group of the detained Yevgeny Yerofeyev in the rear of the ATO forces were published as well.


The SBU has also made public the photos of battalion commander of the 3rd separate special operations brigade as well as a number of Russian special forces operatives, whose participation in the military operations in the Donbas was documentarily confirmed.


Commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 3rd separate special operations brigade Major Konstantin Napolskih (call sign Fagot)


Murat Azimov, deputy commander of the group, (call sign Kazah)


Denis Yulaev, commander of the first squad, (call sign Yulai)


Vyacheslav Konovalov, scout machine-gunner


Kirill Kulmuhametov, scout-sniper (call sign Pulia)


Ruslan Kutulahmetov, commander of the second squad, (call sign Bashkir)


Vladimir Krasnov, scout machine-gunner (call sign Baron)


Aleksey Nemov, scout sniper, (call sign Mordvin)


Alexander Gladkov, recondo engineer, (call sign Babushka)


Alexander Grigoryev, defense and employment platoon of the second battalion of the military unit 21208 deputy commander


Oleg Vechkov, Lieutenant, commander of first group (call sign Kit)


Artemyi Shulpin, Private first class, senior recondo engineer


Michurin, Private, machine-gunner of the first squad of the fourth troop


Denis Sychev, Private first class, a senior mine man


Rustam Tagirov, Warrant officer


Kasaev, Senior Lieutenant


Rishat Sadikov, Private first class, sniper

александров сержант олексій петрович

Alexey Aleksandrov, Sergeant


Yekaterina Aleksandrova, servicewoman of the military unit 21208 (Alexey Aleksandrov's wife)

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Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p337055