Russian special forces operatives Y. Yerofeyev and A. Aleksandrov taken prisoners in the battle near Shchastia. PHOTOS

Two Russian Federation special forces soldiers from Togliatti were captured yesterday, during fierce fighting with the Russian subversive reconnaissance group that penetrated into the vicinity of the city of Shchastia.

Hryhorii Maksymets wrote on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

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"The Russian Federation special forces unit attacked the Ukrainian city of Shchastia from Luhansk yesterday (May 16, 2015). According to the two wounded Russian servicemen from Samara (special forces unit from the city of Togliatti currently deployed in Luhansk), who were taken prisoners and delivered to the medical facility of the Aidar battalion and 59th hospital, they were misled by the Command which said the Aidar battalion was withdrawn from Shchastia and the territory of the Thermal Power Plant and they wanted to make sure whether it was true," he wrote.

"As it is usual in such cases, the Russian saboteurs were very worried for their organs, which the punitive doctors must have exenterated to sell. According to the invaders they were constantly warned about this by their fathers-commanders. One of the officers-invaders even demanded to operate his shoulder without anesthesia to be able to guard his kidneys and we met halfway the desires of the terrorist toiler. The second Russian saboteur Alexandr Aleksandrov from Samara city had an external fixation device applied to his broken femoral bone. Yes, we did not specify whose command had played a joke on the saboteurs-invaders. We thought that both could have," Maksymets wrote.

"The name of the second saboteur is Yevgeny Yerofeyev, by the way," he concluded.

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