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 Daughter of Ukrainian hero solider received medal "For bravery and courage" of her killed father, who saved 30 men. PHOTO of the day

The photo of a little girl who received a medal "For bravery and courage" in place of her deceased father caused enormous response and a lot of emotions in social media.

In Kirovohrad, families of heroes killed in battles for Ukraine received military decorations "For bravery and courage." Among those receiving awards were small children.

This is stated by volunteer Volodymyr Horkusha on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

"Recently, a Walk of Fame was introduced in Kirovohrad's memorial complex Fortechni Valy (Aggers) dedicated to ATO participants from the region who died for the freedom and independence of Ukraine. The names of 117 soldiers were engraved on the Walk of Fame - heroes laid down their lives for the right of the Ukrainian people to live freely. Every killed soldier was remembered by name, and their families received a military decoration "For courage and bravery." Among those who received the award was a little girl, who got the medal instead of her deceased father Andrii Matvienko.

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"We will not forgive the Russian bastards... EVER! The girl received a medal of her deceased father. May 8, Kirovograd. And this is her father - the HERO who sacrificed his life to save 30 of his fellow soldiers! Glory to the Heroes!" the volunteer wrote.

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