Russian military criminal, who had fought in Ukraine, was awarded Medal of Suvorov by Putin – blogger. PHOTOS

While gathering data on war criminals and participants of undeclared war against Ukraine, another rewarded person was revealed.

This was reported by investigative blogger Iraklii Komakhidze in his article for Informnapalm, Censor.NET repots.

"Pavlov Vitaliy Vladimirovich, (https://vk.com/id98211592), commander of the 3rd gun crew of the 6th carriage motor howitzer (SPG Msta-S 2S19) of the self-propelled artillery battalion of the 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade (military unit 20634, Vladikavkaz, North Ossetia, Alania) of the Southern Military District of RF, rewarded with the Medal of Suvorov. "

армия награда рф оккупанты

The honors list number 41831 dated Dec. 25, 2014 was signed by the Commander-in-chief -Russian President Putin.

There are no doubts that Pavlov was rewarded exactly for Russian gamble in Ukraine, which is indirectly proven by photo facts:

- Medal of Suvorov and adjoining comments. This medal is a state reward and is not given for nothing. The Medal is offered to servicemen for personal courage and bravery demonstrated during defense of the Fatherland or military actions defending state interests of the RF.

армия награда рф оккупанты

Moreover, a photo of rewarded Pavlov is exhibited as a billboard in the place of dislocation of the 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade in Vladikavkaz.

армия награда рф оккупанты

- There are photos In Pavlov's photo album with which one can trace his "fighting way" to Donbas in August-October 2014, starting with a 2S19 Msta loading on a train up to field weekday routine, where Pavlov poses with "comrades-in-arms" draped in "flora" camouflage, in which Russian headquarters dress its servicemen redeployed to Ukraine, which is done to mask them as rebels-volunteers. армия награда рф оккупантыармия награда рф оккупантыармия награда рф оккупанты

- Additional attention should be paid to another Pavlov's photo, posted on Sept. 22, with quite familiar contrails from Donbas plains, dated Sept. 20 - "Magic circles in skies over Donbas."

армия награда рф оккупанты

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армия награда рф оккупанты

армия награда рф оккупанты

In early October 2014, it was already reported of presence of military troops of the 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade: "2S19 Msta of the 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade from North Ossetia on Ukrainian border"

Several days ago, an article on presence of a drone aviation troop of the same brigade in Ukraine was published: "Adventures of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Troop of 19th Independent Motor Rifle Brigade in Ukraine".

This is the first revealed fact of a Russian war criminal rewarded with the Medal of Suvorov. According to previously received information, Russian interventionists are mostly rewarded with other medals of lower grade, like state medal "For Courage" and departmental medal "For Military Valor." Please see the links:

- Medal "For Courage". (Osipov, 8th Mountain Motor Rifle Division) https://informnapalm.org/3723-medal-za-otvagu
- Cavalier of medal "For Courage" - paratrooper of the 106th Guards Airborne Division Eugene Conspirator.
- Mihos the "Brave", the scout of the 7th Russian military base, the Cavalier of Medal "For Courage".
- Buryats from the 5th tank brigade are rewarded with medals "For Military Valor".
- Another Cavalier of medal "For Military Valor" from the 5th tank brigade.
- Servicemen from the 7th military base of RF from Abkhazia are rewarded with medals for participation in military actions in the Donbas. https://informnapalm.org/6417-rossyjskyh-dvazhdy-okkupantov…
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