'Immortal Regiment' participants in Moscow threw away portraits of WWII soldiers. PHOTOS

Participants of the 'Immortal Regiment' march in Moscow, commemorating soldiers who participated in the World War II, threw away portraits of their 'grandfathers' right after the event.

This was announced by Russian journalist and blogger Andrey Malgin, Censor.NET reports.

москва день митинг русский мир победы

"If those were portraits of the people's relatives, would they have thrown them away after the end of the rally?" Malgin wrote.

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москва день митинг русский мир победы

Earlier it was reported that Putin became one of more than 300 thousand participants of 'Immortal Regiment' march in Moscow. As reported by Russian media, Putin joined the march with portrait of his father, the war veteran, when the column came to the Red Square. It was noted that the poster Putin held did not specify the details of his father.


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"It is obvious that all posters were made the same, for even the design and holder sticks' length was the same," one of commenters noted.

москва скандал митинг русский мир

"The large panoramic image also shows many similar posters," another blogger posted. скандал митинг русский мир

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