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 General Staff assures that the Donetsk airport runway could not be restored. PHOTOS

The damage administered to the landing strip of the Donetsk airport is much more serious than the eye meets in the video released by the media, and does not allow to use it for its intended purpose.

Censor.NET reports citing the press service of the General Staff.

"Media and social networks have widely spread the video showing the runway at the Donetsk airport. The footage has sparked massive public outcry due to the fact that the drone's camera did not capture significant damage of the runway surface that is at odds with the statements of the military command on the strip's unfitness for intended use," the agency noted.

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"Meanwhile, even the video shows five round craters located along the runway near its center line. According to explanations of military engineers who carried out the explosive demolition of the runway, those are three meters wide, five meters long, and two meters deep craters. The distance between them is 700 meters. Given that the length of the strip is 4,000 meters, the width is 60 meters, and the thickness of concrete pavement is one meter, such damage does not allow using it for its intended purpose," the General Staff insisted.

"In addition, according to the experts, each explosion, besides for the formation of mentioned craters, has resulted in shattering of the runway pavement reaching 2-2.5 meters around each crater. The entire surface of the runway is also covered with large and small craters - traces of hits of artillery shells and bombs. It is impossible to recover the runway without special aerodrome equipment. According to the experts, the restoration of the strip will take a month at least even in peacetime, with all necessary materials and equipment at hand," the agency added.

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