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 Wife of killed 'Cyborg' Oleksandr Pitel gave birth to son. PHOTOS

Wife of soldier from the 90th battalion Oleksandr Pitel, who was killed as a hero when defending the Donetsk airport, gave birth to a son.

This was announced on a Facebook page of Olena Kuzminykh, sister-in-law of OIeh Kuzminykh, the commander of the 90th assault battalion of the 81st airmobile brigade, who was captured by the militants in the Donetsk airport in late January, Censor.NET reports.

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"Dear friends! Many of you know of the family of the killed Cyborg Oleksandr Pitel. [You know] how he died as a hero when defending the Donetsk airport. Of his wife Yulia, who was expecting their first child when we met. We all have been expecting! The whole 90th battalion. Yulia gave birth yesterday! She bore a new paratrooper. New defender! Decent substitution for his father!


"Dear Yulia, we congratulate you and happy grandparents with birth of little Oleh. Let his life path be guarded by angels. Let your love protect him at all life curves. Let his father Sasha protect his son from Heaven.

"Rejoice, friends. A human being has been born!" Olena Kuzminykh wrote.

To help the hero's family:

Privatbank card number: 5168 7572 7581 7676

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