Hackers published communication between oligarch Malofeyev and Russian propagandist Dugin: "40% of humanitarian convoy aid disappears in Russia; the rest is stolen in Novorossia". DOCUMENT

Hacker group "Anonymous International" published the communication of the Russian billionaire Konstantin Malofeyev, which confirms his involvement with the terrorists in the Donbas. They also published correspondence of one of the ideologists of "Eurasian fascism" and Russian propagandist Aleksandr Dugin, who also actively participates in the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

"By sheer coincidence, we came upon ton s of letters in the vastness of the Internet, regarding activity of organizations controlled and financed by Mr. Malofeyev. Also, Mr. Dugin and a number of well-known European ( and not only) politicians from the right wing appear in the communication. The letters are in possession of Georgiy Gavrish, one of the closest partners of Dugin, and a source close to the forme r minister of communications Schegolev.

These letters will undoubtedly appeal to those interested in " pitfalls " of u nofficial Russian policy in Europe. The y will also provide a lot of food for thought to conspiracy theorists and people "in the know, " claims the group's blog, Censor.NET reports.

Other than that, the letters contain enough information that will be interesting to the public.

Some pieces of the information are present ed here.

All of the letters can be downloaded here: http://www.fayloobmennik.net/4352526

Here ' s a letter with a story by a Russian volunteer soldier who fought for the ' DPR ' and ' LPR ' in which he discloses, without exaggeration, some details unknown to "couch patriots. " For example, this: "...as of today, the civilian population has lost faith in the ' LPR ' and ' DPR ', and many return to support ing Ukraine, since the only government checks they get for social welfare or retirement come from Ukraine, while the humanitarian convoy aid from Russia hardly ever reaches them (about 40% of aid disappears in Russia, and 50-55% is stolen in Novorossia) ..."

Or this: "...through third parties, she helped refugees to escape to Russia in the summer, taking jewelry and other valuables as payment. In addition, since she was involved in the POW exchange, she assisted in a scheme of exchanging people for money, where criminals pay detectives to drop charges, then they pay to be added to the top of the list of POWs to be exchanged, then they get exchanged as POWs and - freedom."

For more details, it's better to read the full text.

дугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев переписка

And here ' s a letter from Aleksey Kom ov to Konstantin Malofeyev about a girl from the U.S.A. who is suspected of being an "agent. " The girl's biography is checked several generations back to her ancestors, who may have been "Ustash e fascists. " We believe this is a telling picture of prevalent thought patterns among the characters that appear in the letters.

дугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев переписка

A letter from Dugin to Georgiy Gavrish, with a file attachment named "Organization CIDAN Civisme De ́ fense Arme ́ e Nation" tells about this organization, which unifies high ranking French and German military officials and invites Mr. Dugin to its meetings as an expert and speaker.

Follow this link for the full file attachment... … Organization CIDAN Civisme Défense Armée Nation

дугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев переписка

A letter from Mark Levi to Georgiy Gavrish with several files attached tells of "peculiar methods" of collecting humanitarian and monetary aid for the ' DPR ' in Moscow and about current situation in the ' DPR. '

дугин малофеев перепискадугин малофеев переписка

kochkina lpr,

from Masha,
Report1 (1),
Report3 (1)

A letter from Aleksey Komov to Georgiy Gavrish regarding "gala-dinner" on Sept. 11 with the guest list containing mostly persons from non-public politics and various conspiracy theorists.

дугин малофеев переписка

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