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 "Russian world" in Pisky village: Not a single whole building in sight. PHOTOS

Before the Russian-terrorist forces came to Pisky, it was a prosperous village on the outskirts of Donetsk.

Today, there is not a single whole building, and you will no longer meet people in the streets, volunteer Yurii Mysiahyn writes. At the weekend he was delivering aid to Ukrainian servicemen of the 93rd mechanized brigade and had a chance to see the village first hand, Censor.NET reports.

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"The village is simply swept off the face of the earth. There is not a single whole building. People used to live here one day, and a lot of people were quite well off. There are many different houses here. They belonged to judges, entrepreneurs, medium-sized businessmen. 1-2-3-storey houses. There are 5-storey apartment buildings, a club, a school, a church, the administration building. But they all share one thing - they are empty and destroyed.


"People were forced to run away from here, leaving everything they built and worked for. And the reason for all this is war unleashed by our former brother! Look closely at these photos! Just recently Grads, mortars, Buratinos were shelling the village and every day something flies over from the other side.


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"These photos show what would happen if they all came to us.

"Our boys are deployed in Pisky, and courageously and heroically do allow this infection further. Think about it, if it is necessary to help them or not!" the volunteer wrote.


Want to help Ukrainian soldiers of the 93rd mechanized brigade deployed in hot spots in the Donbas, in particular Pisky, Opytne, Tonenke and Vodiane?

Bank details for assistance:

Privatbank card 4149 6253 0195 6650


For transfer to PrivatBank card from other Ukrainian banks.

PJSC CB "Privatbank"

General Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations (OKPO) 14360570

Bank code (MFO) 305299

Receiving account 29244825509100

Mysyagin Yurii Mikhailovich

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