Russian lawmaker-terrorist sent home another cargo-200: Mercenary from Chebarkul killed in Donbas. PHOTOS

Lawmaker from Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region, a South Urals terrorist unit commander of the "DPR" Alexander Negrebetskikh brought home another cargo-200 (code name for dead soldiers - ed.).

This is stated by Russian website irinagundareva.com, Censor.NET reports.

Negrebetskikh brought home the body of a businessman from Chebarkul, 37-year-old Ruslan Fateev (nickname the Russian).


Russian deputy Negrebetskikh (pictured right) tells about "the English-speaking mercenaries" in the ranks of the Ukrainian army

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"I brought all our squad to Russia - they needed a break. The Russian decided to stay in the "DPR", saying he was not tired. On March 16 during a fight we were first attacked by Ukrainian infantry. These were mercenaries - we heard English language on the radio. They were repulsed. Then they came with tanks. We also stopped stopped them. Then we were hit with Grads, Uragans, and mortars. Fateev was hit by a shrapnel. The wound turned out to be fatal. I brought him home. Yesterday he was buried," Negrebetskikh said.


Fateev was born and for several years lived in Kharkiv. In Russia, he was engaged in trade. He had his own small business, as well as family with children.

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Another cargo-200 from the "DPR" is expected to arrive to the Southern Urals these days. The deceased is also from Chebarkul.

In February 2015, Negrebetskikh brought and handed over the body of a musician from Satka of the Chelyabinsk region who was killed in the conflict.

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Militants from the South Urals go to fight in Ukraine on a rotational basis. "At home they have a rest, then come back with freshly recruited reinforcements back to the "DPR". They say there is no truce in the Donbas and there never has been," the publication says.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p330607