New cemetery with hundreds of graves of unknown Russian fighters appeared in Rostov. PHOTOS

Russian fighters who have been returned from Donbas as “cargo 200”, i.e. dead, are being buried massively in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don.

Reports appeared online that strange burial place aside from the local cemetery emerged approximately in June-September 2014. All of a sudden, about 500 fresh nameless graves appeared on a separate sector of the cemetery, reports Censor.NET with reference to Novyi region.

кладбище армия рф могилы ростов
A strange burial place separated from the local cemetery is visible on geotagged photos of Rostov-on-Don territory published on internet.
кладбище армия рф могилы ростовкладбище армия рф могилы ростов

Such object exists on the Rostov map indeed. The burial is located in a geographical triangle between Temernitsky, Verkhnetemernitsky and the Temernik river.

кладбище армия рф могилы ростовкладбище армия рф могилы ростов

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кладбище армия рф могилы ростов
It was reported earlier that the quantity of graves with the remains of unknown people was increasing at the cemetery in Rostov-on-Don. Most graves have "UM" and "UW" marks on them, which probably stand for "unknown man" and "unknown woman". Most graves have summer-fall 2014 as the date of death, wherein the buried were aged mostly between 20 and 40. To remind, the "command" of the "DPR" armed gangs issued a special "order" to transport cargo-200 containing citizens of Russian directly to Rostov-on-Don. Neither documents that confirm death nor sorting of dead bodies in the local morgue are needed any more. Special Russian experts classify the corpses and define whether they are local or from Russia. The expertise is being conducted on the territory occupied by the "DPR" or "LPR" terrorists.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p330566