Mercenary from Russian Orsk made $150 in Donbas before coming home in a coffin. PHOTOS + VIDEO

Russian media reports on the fate of a residents of the city of Orsk (Orenburg region, Russia), who went to Ukraine to make money and came back in a zinc coffin.

Alexander Zhitinev, 39-year-old Orsk resident, decided to join the "militia" and "help the brotherly people" either by calling of the heart or due to the fact that he had no job, Censor.NET reports citing Novyy Region.


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война похороны боевик наемник

Auto mechanic by profession, he could not find a job for a while and lived off his wife Natalia, who worked as a cook at a local hospital. According to her, Alexander spent about three months in the Donbas. In one battle the tank he was in was hit and burned down as it came under mortar shelling.

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война похороны боевик наемник

Natalia learned of her husband's death on the Internet. The documents of Alexander Zhitinev were found by a Ukrainian soldier who posted them on the web. Relatives began the search, but none of the authorities wanted to help - they had to do everything at their own expense. Sister of the deceased with two relatives traveled to Ukraine and managed to find and identify the body.

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война похороны боевик наемник

Alexander was recently buried in his hometown. A few people came to the funeral - family, relatives. The local media report that none of the officials or representatives of the security forces were present. According to relatives, Alexander managed to earn $150 in the Donbas.

похороны война боевик наемник

Photo by Orsk.ru

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p330101