Bus tripped a mine in the Donetsk region, four people killed - Interior Ministry. PHOTO

The Chief of the Donetsk regional police Viacheslav Abroskin published information that a shuttle bus tripped a mine when attempting to drive around a checkpoint. Three people were killed.

He posted this on Facebook, Censor.NET reports.

Abroskin wrote: "At 8:30 p.m. a call to the Artemivsk city police center informed that a shuttle bus from Artemivsk to Horlivka tripped a mine in a field near Maiorsk.

"According to preliminary information, the driver decided to drive around a checkpoint and was moving along the earth road heading to Horlivka. In the field, the bus tripped a mine with its rear wheel. As of now, three people have been killed. The total number of passengers in the bus is 26 people.

"The information is being specified. Artemivsk city police dept. crime scene investigation team is operating at the scene," Abroskin wrote.

zn.ua cited the Donetsk regional administration saying that 17 people have been wounded, 15 of them hospitalized. As announced later by deputy head of the Interior Ministry in the Donetsk region Illia Kyva on Facebook, the number of killed persons reached four people.

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Thursday morning, the Interior Ministry published a list of those who suffered in the accident on their website. All injured are being treated in the Artemivsk district hospital.

The following people have suffered in the accident:

1. Olena Papadina, born 1957, city of Yenakieve.

2. Ihor Mahin, born 1992, city of Horlivka.

3. Svitlana Isaiko, born 1942, city of Debaltseve.

4. Viktoria Cherniavska, born in 1991, city of Shakhtarsk.

5. Viktoria Yevsieieva, born in 1992, city of Horlivka.

6. Olha Luchenkova, born in 1949, village of Virivka, Yenakieve district.

7. Oksana Hlushchenko, born 1982, city of Horlivka.

8. Oleh Ovcharov, born 1971, address unidentified.

9. Vladyslav Yelizarov, born 1971, city of Horlivka.

10. Vira Demydenko, born in 1947, city of Horlivka.

11. Anatolii Solhanov, born in 1938, city of Horlivka.

12. Mykola Plisov, born in 1941, city of Yenakieve.

13. Valerii Driomin, born 1955, city of Yenakieve.

14. Iryna Vynnykova, born 1972, city of Horlivka.

15. Yurii Fedorov, born 1964, city of Horlivka.

16. Tetiana Maiorova, born 1993, city of Horlivka.

17. Tetiana Odynokykh, born 1956, city of Horlivka.

18. Tetiana Hryshchenko, born 1964, city of Horlivka.

19. Taisia Driomina, born 1953, city of Yenakieve.

The police have identified one of the killed pesons: Iryna Minaieva, born in 1960, resident of Horlivka.

The Chief of the Artemivsk city police Dmytro Kozhukhovskyi announced that all killed are women.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p330047