Rumble between militants in Donetsk resulted in two dead bodies and three burnt cars. PHOTOS

Heavy fire took place in the center of Donetsk on Illich Avenue today around 2 a.m.

Local residents informed in social networks, Censor.NET reports citing 62.ua.

стрельба донецк боевики

"There are two burnt cars and one more shot on Illich Avenue. The 'Panorama' cafe was a bit damaged," Donetsk residents told about the consequences of the skirmish.

стрельба донецк боевики

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They suggest that there had been internal squabbles between drunken militants.

стрельба донецк боевики

"The Chechens were said to be kicked out of 'Banany', and they went to the 'Panorama', started shooting. Two people died for sure and three cars were burned," Donetsk residents wrote.

донецк боевики стрельба

The movement of public transport near the scene was restricted in the morning.

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There is currently no information about the victims.

стрельба донецк боевики

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