Explosion occurred in volunteer's office in Odesa. No one was injured. PHOTOS + VIDEO

The explosion occurred on Heranieva street in Odesa at 11:25 p.m. last night.

This is reported by Censor.NET citing Odessa.Comments.

Odesa residents who heard the explosion and saw the flash say that it took place in the premises on the first floor of a nine-storey building. It is unknown whether this was an improvised explosive device, or the cause of the explosion or a household accident. It is also unclear, whether the explosion took place inside the room or an IED was placed near the entrance, as in previous bombings.

According to HromadskeTV, the explosion occurred in the office of Odesa volunteer Alevtina Korotka. This was confirmed by Alevtina itself.

According to the press service of the Odesa region Interior Ministry, the explosive device damaged residential premises of the first floor of a nine-storey apartment house on Heranieva street. The windows were blown out in dozen apartments. No one was injured.

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On March 22 about 11:25 p.m the police received a report of an explosion in a residential building on Heranieva street, 2. BY expecting the scene the police preliminary established that a bomb exploded near the front door on the first floor, where a non-residential office space was located.


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"There is a number of organizations on the first floor, therefore it is hard to say against whom it was directed. But there are no volunteer or patriotic organizations there," press secretary of the Odessa region police Volodymyr Shablienko said, according to Dumskaya.


The damage was inflicted to premises leased by private organizations and apartments on several floors above where the blast blew out the windows. There are no injured as a result of the explosion. Explosives experts and investigative team are working at the site.

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