"Truce": 50 militants from Russia openly sent to fight in Ukraine. PHOTOS + VIDEO

Last night 50 people left Yekaterinburg for Ukraine to take part in the war against the Ukrainian armed forces in the gang of warlord Alexey Mozgovoy in the Luhansk region.

A large group of the Ural militants was sent to the Donbas in a solemn and public atmosphere during the announced cease-fire, Censor.NET reports citing Chetvertaya Vlast.


россия боевики агрессия наемники

"Representatives of the Ural volunteer corps fighting in Ukraine gathered at the monument to the soldiers of the WWII Ural volunteer tank corps," E1.RU, a Yekaterinburg website states.

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"The image surprised the public: a crowd of people in balaclavas, with huge bags, dozens of relatives from young girls to grandmas. Passersby stopped and took pictures with their phones.

россия боевики агрессия наемникироссия агрессия наемники

"This is the largest group of volunteers sent to [the so-called - ed.] Luhansk People's Republic since the beginning of the "truce" - 50 people," head of the Sverdlovsk special forces veterans fund Vladimir Efimov says proudly. "The guys are mostly veterans of special forces, half of whom had already fought in Ukraine. During the truce we will be helping to restore the republic. Why are they wearing balaclavas? They are shy! They will serve in the the Prizrak (Ghost) brigade of Alexei Mozgovoy.

россия боевики агрессия наемники

The militants are dressed in special uniforms supposedly designed for them by an Ural businessman.

"Efimov noted that the militants are being seen off not only by relatives, but by social organizations: Council of the Ural volunteer district veterans, representatives of the Communist Party, members of the Ural - Novorossia association, Cossacks and others. He is also leaving for Ukraine," the Ural journalists write.

"Initially company commander Vladimir Efimov planned to return to Yekaterinburg in a month, with his men free to decide whether to go home or to join other 'DPR' units. But now the commander's plans have changed and he does not have any idea as to the return date," 66.ru notes.

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Efimov also told reporters that the Russians are going to fight in Ukraine voluntarily. In support of his words the men received "certificates of volunteers" to protect them from accusations of mercenary activities. He did not specify whether these certificates have legal force.

The head of the Ural - Novorossia association Bek Manasov said that the militants were supplied with money, medicine and clothing. A Russian Orthodox priest read a prayer for the invading troops and called on them to 'fight the enemies of Russia.'

россия боевики агрессия наемники

Earlier, LPR warlord Alexey Mozgovoy spoke about enormous losses suffered by the separatists during the assault on Debaltseve.

Mercenaries and volunteers killed in the undeclared Russian-Ukrainian war are regularly delivered home in coffins.

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