Russian tankers in Donbas: crew commander identified. PHOTOS

Following the controversial interview of the Buryat tankman further evidence of Russian military aggression against Ukraine has been found.

It is reported by Ukrainian investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko, Censor.NET reports.

"After I found Minakov I went to look for this mysterious "Spartak." In the interview the Buryat says:

"I look at mine - he is unharmed, unhurt. I look at my commander ... Spartak - he is lying there in the hallway. But he was not so badly burned, as I was. He immediately opened the hatch, but mine was closed ... I am a gunner. A private. The tank burns a long time. "

The search among friends of Dorzhi and Minakov yielded nothing, but search among friends of friends led to a suspicious profile in the VK: https://vk.com/id113112209 - the profile was either removed or frozen after being hacked. We continue the search and we find.

армия танк рф оккупанты вторжение

Profile on Odnoklassniki: http://ok.ru/profile/553440699729

Everything fits: Spartak Tipanov, 32 years old, Ulan-Ude, military installation 46108. Look at the pictures - 5th armored brigade, in his buttonhole and entourage make it obvious that he is a tanker. Apparently, this is it is the commander that the burned Buryat mentioned to Novaya Gazeta.

армия танк рф оккупанты вторжениеармия танк рф оккупанты вторжениеармия танк рф оккупанты вторжение

армия танк рф оккупанты вторжениеармия танк рф оккупанты вторжение

"Family, wife, children, service. Just went to kill Ukrainians in Ukraine. That's the kind of job he has," Pavlushko notes.

"Looking at these Buryats from installation 46102 you come across two different categories soldiers - some are detached until April, and some are going home. It's not clear where they are going home from, but some Russian soldiers manage to mess it up" the blogger notes.

армия танк рф агрессия оккупанты вторжение

"Here's a tanker Konstantin Yakovlev (born January 19, 1990, Ulan-Ude, phone numbers +79833375060, +89247724387, https://vk.com/id63749280), but he became Yakovlev today, while yesterday he was Konstantin Shubin posted and he posted a group photo in the fields with the words "in Ukraine".

армия танк рф агрессия оккупанты вторжение

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