Russian tankman Ivan Korolkov, killed in Donbas, was buried in Barnaul, Russia. PHOTOS

Russian tankman who allegedly volunteered to kill Ukrainians and was awarded a state medal of Russian Federation for that, was buried in Barnaul, Russia, with solemnities.

Ivan Korolkov, Russian tankman from Barnaul who has been dubbed 'militant' by local medium Altapress, was buried in a zinc coffin at the city cemetery on March 7, Censor.NET reports.

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Korolkov left for the Donbas in 2014. He served as a regular tankman in 2011-2012 so he knew how to operate an armored vehicle. Korolkov was killed near Debaltseve in January.

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"Our townman was awarded a 'For Bravery' medal by the self-proclaimed republics," the Russian medium's note reads.

His friends could not evacuate Korolkov's body due to shelling for a long period of time. March 8 was 40 days past his death.

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It is interesting that the award Korolkov received looks like a state honor of the Russian Federation awarded to soldiers and police officers 'for personal courage shown when protecting the State and state interests of Russia.'

The namesake Luhansk medal looks different:

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Meanwhile, Russia continues to call its citizens who fight against Ukraine in the Donbas 'volunteers' who help 'brotherly people.'

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армия танк рф оккупанты

An interview with Russian contract soldiers who participated in Debaltseve offensive was published recently. These soldiers included Buryats from Ulan-Ude who have been jokingly dubbed 'Donbas Indians.' FSB Colonel Igor Girkin, who used to be the militants' commander, also spoke of direct participation of Russian militants in the Donbas war.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p327756