Netherlands’ Prosecutor's Office: MH-17 was downed by Russian Buk – Dutch media. PHOTOS

Last week, the Netherlands Prosecutor's Office investigation team completed the first part of the work with fragments of the downed Boeing.

Censor.NET citing blogger smoliarm reports that materials on the current status of the investigation were transferred to the media by the press service of the Prosecutor's Office. On their basis an editorial was published on NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting - one of the largest news television, radio and web portals in Dutch).

Since the article is in Dutch, the blogger provided only the most basic parts.

He writes that a criminal investigation into the disaster is being conducts by a Joint International Team (JIT) under the leadership of the Prosecutor's Office of Holland. The tasks are:

1. To identify how, by what and from where the MH-17 was shot down;
2. To identify those responsible and take them to court.

All collected evidence points: MH-17 was hit by a Buk missile, launched from a Russian complex, and, most likely, by a Russian crew. This Buk was brought from Russia to Ukraine shortly before the tragedy. Numerous photos and videos have been found and witnesses have been interviewed.

The JIT investigators collected and processed over one million documents, photos and videos.

Regarding the second item - it is necessary not only to identify the suspects and gather evidence, but also provide the court with the facts and evidence sufficient for a conviction. This is what the team is working on now.

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Unfortunately, the blogger notes, Russia is also involved in the investigation. According to the Dutch side, there are certainly strong evidences that the Russian secret service is still trying to break into the computer systems of the police and OM.
Smart phones and laptops that investigators used in Ukraine, which had contact with local Internet networks had to be destroyed due to spyware.

The blogger also notes that due to the fact that the investigation team of the Netherlands' Prosecutor's Office completed the first part of the work with fragments of the MH-17, an excursion of the press and relatives of the victims was provided in the hangars with fragments of the plane. The photos from this hangar can be seen in the Daily Mail, and on Twitter accounts of numerous journalists (Anna Holligan, Michael Niewold).

"The fact that Ukraine provided investigators with intercepts of telephone and radio talks of the terrorists was announced back in October. ... Now that the technical picture is clear, the most important questions are:

*** Who conducted radar control;
*** Who commanded the crew;
*** And finally, - who gave the order. Radio and telephone intercepts of the SBU can help in this," the blogger wrote.

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