Russia uses "equipment withdrawal" for the rotation of its forces. Troops from Chinese border are redeployed to the Ukrainian one – Komakhidze. PHOTOS

After the Minsk talks, the Russian side started "withdrawal" of some military units from the Rostov region, but this is just a routine rotation, which involves the replacement of the divisions of the Central and Eastern Military Districts who spent the winter in the fields of Rostov region and the Donbas by fresh forces of the Southern (and possibly other) Districts.

This is stated by investigative blogger Irakli Komakhidze in his material on InformNapalm, Censor.NET reports.

"According to our observations, the rotation process started in the group of Russian troops deployed in the districts of the Rostov region bordering with Ukraine. Some units (battalion tactical groups) from Eastern and Central Military District, which were redeployed to the Rostov region in late fall 2014 are being moved to their home stations.

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"In particular, the withdrawal (currently partial) of the following units has been recorded:

- 5th tank brigade (military installation 46108, home station - Buryatia, Ulan-Ude, Divizionnaya);

- 28th motorized rifle brigade (military installation 61423, home station Ekaterinburg);

- 74th motorized rifle brigade (military installation 21005,home station Yurga, Kemerovo region).

"In this context, we present information reflecting the process of redeployment of Russian units of the Eastern District during fall-winter 2014. It was found that certain forces and means were taken from all over the Far East, including the so-called units of containment troops deployed at the border with China, for their further redeployment to the Ukrainian border. Most "detached" Russian equipment and weapons passed through the Onohoy railway station of the Trans-Siberian Railway in Zaigraevsky district of Buryatia, where an HQ and forming point was organize and where trains with weapons, equipment and personnel arrived and reformed for further redeployment to south-west of Russia," the blogger writes.

армия ротация рф оккупанты вторжение

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армия ротация рф оккупанты вторжение

"Parallel to the withdrawal process, the arrival of new units (battalion tactical group) of Southern Military District to the Rostov region has been recorded, in particular, fresh units from:

- 7th military base (military installation 09332, home station - Abkhazia, Gudauta);

- 33rd motorized mountain rifle brigade (military installation 22179, home station - Maikop, Adygea).

"A little earlier redeployment of units of the 34th motorized mountain rifle brigade (military installation 01485, home station - Zelenchukskaya, Karachay-Cherkessia). See the link https://informnapalm.org/4597-podrazdelenye-34-j-msbr-gorno....

"In the same area there is the presence of units of the 22th GRU special forces brigade (military installation 11659, Stepnoy, Rostov region), as well as special forces of the Internal Troops of the Interior Ministry in the form of 351st separate task brigade (military installation 6775, home station Grozny, Chechnya). Information on the process of rotation is not complete and is subject to further complement," the author writes.

армия ротация рф оккупанты вторжениеармия ротация рф оккупанты вторжение

"At the same time, the concentration of Russian troops is observed in the Voronezh and Belgorod regions of Russia neighboring with Ukraine's Luhansk and Kharkiv regions, where units (battalion tactical groups) of the Western Military District are being redeployed. The transfer of the 9th motorized rifle brigade (military installation 54046 , home station Nizhny Novgorod) to Kantemirovka area has been spotted. According to preliminary information, howitzer unit from the 291st artillery Brigade (military installation 64670, home station - Ingushetia, Troitskaya) of the Southern Military District has been redeployed to the Belgorod region. This activity indicates the intention of the Russian side to gather a new group (similar to Rostov), which will be used to destabilize the situation in Kharkiv and north east of the Luhansk regions," Komakhidze concludes.

.армия ротация рф оккупанты вторжение

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