"He waited for discharge, served for six months. Did not live to see it. To be buried" - Russian conscripts' fighting in Donbas confirmed by brides. PHOTO

Another proof of Russian conscripts being sent to fight in the Donbas has surfaced on the web.

This is stated by Ukrainian investigative blogger Anton Pavlushko, Censor.NET reports.

"Let's see what the brides of Russian conscripts talk about on social networks. There is a group in Vkontakte (Russian social network - ed.) titled "Love and army are one, and we are invincible", where brides who wait for their loved ones discuss related topics. And the administrator raised a topic:

"My man is being sent to Ukraine. I'm very worried about him! What to do ?! He thinks I'll abandon him but I won't give him up! Whose man was in Ukraine?". Let's read the answers of the Russian conscripts' brides:

"Yelena, mine went to Donetsk, they go there sometimes, delivering something."

"Mine is serving in Ukraine, went to Donetsk.. Seems to be all good.. Only it's horrible there.... He broke his leg in the end."

"My conscript who serves in Rostov-on-Don was redeployed to the border in summer and flew to Ukrainian Donetsk a couple of times ....... so it is possible that the conscripts also go there .....," the blogger quoted the women.

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Later, the blogger stated that the discussion about sending conscripts to Ukraine was deleted.

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"I wrote the post about brides and looked at the unit number. Found a conscript from the motor forces, which were/are in the Rostov region, [the man] recently buried. A conscript indeed - he waited for discharge, served for six months. Did not live to see it. To be buried. There is no news about any accident in his unit. His friends are posting pictures from the Rostov region - apparently simple drivers of the infamous convoys (humanitarian - ed.). No one writes about anything. The word Ukraine does not appear - nothing to talk about, but they die anyway. There is no point of pointing at the man due to moral reasons - you cannot prove anything. But a conscript ... His friend is fighting for the "DPR" - for fun or for ideological reasons - there are pictures with "DPR" tanks in the background, etc. Whether he is a "contract soldier", or ideological is not clear," the blogger concluded.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p326880