Yanukovych’s crony, former environment minister unblocked half a billion hryvnia in U.K. accounts with help of Prosecutor General’s Office - MP Leshchenko. DOCUMENT

Former head of the Ecology Ministry during Yanukovych’s rule Mykola Zlochevskyi managed to unblock his accounts in the U.K. with the help of reference letter from the PGO.

This is stated by Poroshenko Bloc MP Serhii Leshchenko on his blog on Ukrainska Pravda, Censor.NET reports.

After Yanukovych's flight the United Kingdom blocked $23 million in Zlochevskyi's accounts on suspicion of money laundering. "The British asked Ukraine's international legal assistance in criminal proceedings, after which the PGO initiated proceedings against Zlochevskiy on Aug. 5? 2014 based on the request of London investigators," the lawmaker reminded.

"However, Jan. 22, 2015 Zlochevskyi's Burisma company reported that the case against him in the U.K. was closed. As it turned out, it was made possible after the PGO provided Zlochevskyi with a reference letter stating that there are no current criminal cases against him in Ukraine," Leshchenko wrote.

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And the reference was issued to the former Yanukovych's minister just a few days before the proceedings against him were eventually initiated.

"Formalizing a suspicion is not a matter of one day. I am more than confident that at the time of the response regarding the absence of charges against Zlochevskyi a paper on the charges against him was being written in other offices," Leshchenko noted.

"That is, the PGO, knowing that the suspicion is being formalized, wrote that Zlochevskyi was not under suspicion. The cost of this decision - $23 million, that is, over half a billion hryvnia. I wonder how much of that 23 million Zlochevskyi passed on for the suspicion to be announced a few days later," he added.

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