Russian tanks from 15th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade in service with ‘Oplot’ terrorists. PHOTOS

Russian tanks of the 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade were discovered being in service with the ‘Oplot’ and ‘Vostok’ terrorist groups.

Censor.NET informs citing report by investigative blogger Al Gri for InformNapalm.

"The news that the Russian Army detachments were not found in the Rostov region, which was first voiced by the Ukrainian and then by the Dutch inspectors, was needed by Moscow as a counterargument to numerous well-founded charges. But if you look at the photographs provided by Google, you may clearly see that there are troops and equipment in the military camps located close to the border with Ukraine. So, where have they all gone?

"Everyone remembers the events that took place in Ukraine in the spring of 2014. It was the upsurge of violence, the occupation of Crimea, appearing groups of the separatist movement, which were able to resist the Ukrainian anti-terrorist operation detachments and even shoot down military planes and helicopters. Some of these groups got their own armored equipment by the summer. The main detachments with tanks in "militia" were the so called 'Vostok', 'Zaria', and 'Oplot' battalions.

"The 'Oplot' battalion tanks were the main participants of all significant operations in the Donbas war including Ilovaisk, Donetsk, and Debaltseve," the author of the report notes.

армия рф танки агрессия




армия рф танки агрессия

"Tanks of the battalion supported and protected the actions of Motorola, Givi, and other chieftains-criminals. However, it is still unknown why this battalion, which, according to Moscow's assurances was conducting Orthodox-communist-anti-fascist struggle, had chosen death's head as its symbol.

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армия рф танки агрессия

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"'Oplot' was one of the first separatists' detachments which demonstrated a remarkable ability to simultaneously operate two types of tanks which have the same functions but almost completely non-concurrent spare parts. It seems to me that there is no need to once again point to the fact that both types of tanks were produced only by Russia," the report reads.
армия рф танки агрессия

"It goes without saying that there were losses.

армия рф танки агрессия

"But the destroyed 'Oplot' battalion's tanks were replaced by new ones, which is very strange for the war-ravaged Donbas. Some of them have even been given their own names: "Granit", "Viking", etc.

армия рф танки агрессия

"These abovementioned tanks reached Debaltseve though not quite in a good condition. And for some reason, there are traces of the old identification numbers, which were applied in red paint on the spare parts boxes of both tanks.

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армия рф танки агрессия

армия рф танки агрессия

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"And the following photos by RIA Novosti were managed to be found in the abyss of the Internet just yesterday:

армия рф танки агрессия

армия рф танки агрессия

"The photo clearly shows standard Russian side number of the tank that has already been disfeatured by the inscription of "Viking". But, more importantly, the Russian tactical sign of tank detachment, stenciled in red paint, may be clearly seen. And if you look at the tactical mark of the 15th Motorized Rifle Brigade, you will find a surprising similarity with the sign on the side of the "Viking" tank. So, that's where all the Russian troops have gone! It turns out that the Russian troops should be searched for not in the Rostov region but on the Ukrainian territory. In particular, it's worth examining the armament of the 'Oplot' battalion," the blogger wrote.

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