Revelation of a Russian mercenary: "30 people from our battalion were killed near Luhansk". PHOTOS

Tatarstan, Russia, news outlet "Chelny LTD" has published an article by Sergei Rodachev on Feb. 17 titled “Chelny resident fights near Luhansk: "30 people from our battalion were killed near Luhansk," which includes an interview with a 45-year-old resident of the city of Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia, a certain Stanislav Starorusskiy, who left for Luhansk to serve as tanker in the "militia."

Censor.NET reports citing investigative blogger Irakli Komakhidze.

"The Ukrainian Army and the National Guard inflicted heavy casualties to the Russian-terrorist forces in the battle for Debaltseve by their skillful actions. There are certain photos and videos in the Internet reflecting recent events. Some of them were provided by us. But such revelations of the "Novorossia" militants are especially interesting. This kind of information will certainly not be covered by the main Russia's TV channels but may from time to time appear in the Russian regional press," the blogger wrote.

Here is an extract from the mercenary's interview to the Russian outlet, published Feb. 16:

- We have returned from the front line only Feb. 14. We have been there for a month. There was a continuous artillery and mortar shelling when we arrived. Seven people out of 11 in positions were wounded, and three others were killed. All types of weapons were used by the other side. Their tanks were also superior to ours - they were more advanced, equipped with night vision devices, infrared scopes. A drone was constantly flying as well. That means that they knew everything about us. The locals were crossing the borders in both directions. We never knew who of them was a friend and who was not?

- We have lost seven tanks with crews on Feb. 8. About 30 people from our battalion were killed. There are four companies of 32 people in each battalion. They have recently sent crews without tanks to Debaltseve as usual infantry, armed with assault rifles and pistols.

армия смерть рф террористы оккупанты

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армия смерть рф террористы оккупанты

армия смерть рф террористы оккупанты

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