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 Russian tanks in service with terrorists deployed in Horlivka and near Debaltseve. PHOTOS

There is another proof of the Russian aggression in Ukraine: the bloggers discovered several Russian tanks being deployed in Horlivka and near Debaltseve.

Censor.NET reports citing blogger-investigator Irakli Komakhidze.

армия танк рф агрессия
"The Russian T-72B3 (or T-72BM) tank was photographed near Horlivka in Jan. 2015. Censor.NET just yesterday published the article about the convoy of Russian tanks which was accidentally exposed by British 'journalist' Graham Phillips near Debaltseve," the blogger writes.

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армия танк рф агрессия
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At the same time, the Russian photographer Maksim Avdieiev took a picture of the Russian T-72 tank at the terrorists' positions near Debaltseve.

армия танк рф агрессия

"It stands in the shelter ready to hit targets on the road between Debaltseve and Artemivsk," Avdieiev wrote.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p325055