Militants revealed another proof of Russian presence in Donbas. PHOTOS

The terrorists physically prove the presence of Russian weapons in the Donbas.

Censor.NET reports referring to the Ministry of Defense.

The militants' Novorossia TV channel recently reported about the discovery of Ukrainian Grad rocket systems and 122-mm rockets in the ATO zone. You can see them on the pictures.

The terrorist nicknamed Sentiabr reads the contents list of the ammunition box, signed by Ukrainian soldiers - major Kolosovskyi, captain Churilov, and lieutenant commander Hiss.

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The Ministry of Defense clarified that the abovementioned soldiers served in the Army А2327 unit based in the Crimea. Thus, they have really signed the content lists, but in November-December 2013. Afterwards, the ammunition boxes were warehoused until Russian invasion to the peninsula in March 2014. It seems quite clear that the Grad rocket systems and 122-mm rockets were transported to the Donbas from the Crimea by Russian troops.

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