People wounded and evacuated from Debaltseve need help - volunteers. PHOTOS

Ukrainian volunteers help those evacuated from the Debaltseve salient, as well as those who did not manage to leave, or are being treated in front line hospitals.

This was announced by the 'Volunteer Company' member Natalia Voronkova on her Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

According to her, Debaltseve is being shelled almost 24/7, and the highway Debaltseve-Artemivsk is blocked by the terrorists shooting at every car.

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She reported that Yevhen Yukhanov, chief police officer of Debaltseve who had been helping the volunteers, was killed Wednesday.

Voronkova wrote of many cases of people calling to volunteers with requests to save their relatives trapped along the front line: "Please save my mom, she is wounded, and my dad was left under the debris... Help evacuate my sister, she is 7-months pregnant... Please find my blind father, he was left alone... Please help to evacuate a 20-year-old mother with a handicapped child... Family with six children cannot leave, the shelling is all around... Evacuate my mother and my grandma... and two days after, a call from the same number: Please bury my mother and at least save granny...

"No more tears left," she wrote. "But we do not leave our people behind. We will do all we can and cannot to save those who stayed there and those who left."

Funds for helping those in need in the ATO area can be transferred to the PrivatBank card for Voronkova Natalia, card# 5168 7420 1680 3284.

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