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 Terrorists use advanced Russian cluster munitions near Mariupol. PHOTOS

The 'DPR' militants use Tornado-G, the advanced Russian cluster munitions for BM 21 Grad multiple rocket launchers against the civilian population in the vicinity of Mariupol, in particular, in the villages of Sartana, Hnutove, and Novoselivka.

Deputy Commander of the 'M' sector Colonel Viktor Shydliukh stated today at a press conference in Mariupol, Censor.NET reports citing Liga.

According to him, this boosted munition has a much more damage-producing capability than a conventional Grad rocket. "We could not have inherited these munitions from the Soviet Union as they were developed exclusively in the Russian Federation," Shydliukh said. In addition, the found projectile body was marked with a star, which is used by the enterprises of the former USSR and the Russian Federation in particular.

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According to him, the militants intentionally keep shelling peaceful villages which are remote from the Armed Forces of Ukraine positions, in order to provoke panic and make people leave these villages. "The earth is covered with shrapnel in the shelled areas," Shydliukh said.

He demonstrated the journalists a hand-sized fragment of conventional Grad rocket, and diamond-shaped shrapnel with sharp edges, approximately a half-centimeter long, from the advanced rockets. According to the Colonel, these fragments inflict significantly more damage to the manpower. Besides, the crater from the impact of an advanced missile is much deeper than from the usual one. Its casualty area is also increased.


Shydliukh reported that the command of the 'M' sector has informed the OSCE mission on the use of Tornado-G missiles against the civilian population and at the same time urged them to investigate such facts more carefully as civilians believe that the OSCE observers perform their duties poorly, making citizens dissatisfied.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p323842