Ukrainian 128th brigade hijacked Russian T-72 tank near Debaltseve. PHOTOS

Soldiers of the 128th Mechanized Brigade hijacked a T-72 tank from the Russians, who are fighting in the Donbas.

This is stated by Ukrainian tanker Yevhen Horinov on his Facebook page, Censor.NET reports.

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"At 3:00 a.m. it (the tank) flew out towards our positions. We were certainly a little shocked, jumped in our tanks and then we heard on the radio "Meet the handsome fellow, guys." They gave us a start. They brought it and now we are using it only as a tractor - we have no gunner who could fire the gun," Horinov wrote.

российские танки

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Uainfo reports that this tank had been a "nightmare" for our soldiers for over a week, firing at their positions. They could not destroy it with artillery since the enemy's T72 would appear suddenly, make one or two shots and hide.

танк военные военнослужащие

According to the artillerymen, they were seriously fed up with it.

Then the men decided to do a sortie. At 2:00 a.m. six daredevils made their way to the separatists' territory and finally found this accursed tank. It stood near a small house. The men did not go into the house so as not to make a fuss. There was a driver of armored towing vehicles among the group and he proposed to ...steal the tank.

When the T-72 roared and started, our soldiers saw the enemy's tankers rushing out of the house and fleeing in panic in all directions. They probably thought that the Ukrainians would shell the house.

танк военные военнослужащие

The gunners successfully returned to their positions in the captured tank where they placed a Ukrainian flag on the combat vehicle. Inside they found documents (and passed them to the relevant people) and Russian army rations. For now the men are using it as a tractor since there is no gunner who could fire the gun. But they hope that they will get a specialist and then the trophy will join the firepower of their battery.

Here are the names of the heroes:

Andrii Kalinichenko

Serhii Khoroshkovskyi,

Volodymyr Vozniuk,

Roman Smyhorodskyi,

Serhii Kosakivskyi,

Serhii Ivanovych.

By the way, this is not the first tank that ceased serving the separatists on account of the fighters of the 128th Brigade. Earlier they destroyed two of them.

When it was time to go back, the enemy shelled the positions with Grad and the picture was in the dugout...

танк военные военнослужащиетанк военные военнослужащие

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